Wednesday, June 24, 2020
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Modern Mysteries
'Unsolved Mysteries' reboot coming to Netflix
6-24-2020 | 11 comments
The show's original creators have teamed up with the producers of 'Stranger Things' to revive the classic show.
Pluto may have always had a subsurface ocean
6-24-2020 | 5 comments | Space & Astronomy
Scientists now believe that Pluto may have had a 'hot start' and has always had a subsurface ocean.
New Loch Ness Monster photographs emerge
6-23-2020 | 22 comments | Cryptozoology
A series of images showing some sort of creature emerging from the loch have recently appeared online.
NASA funds hunt for alien 'technosignatures'
6-23-2020 | 0 comments | Extraterrestrial
Astronomers are gearing up to search the cosmos for signs of technologically advanced alien civilizations.
Ancient village was destroyed by a comet
6-22-2020 | 10 comments | Ancient Mysteries
A new study has indicated that a Syrian village was destroyed by debris from a comet 13,000 years ago.
Ancient Mysteries
Huge Neolithic circle found near Stonehenge
6-22-2020 | 0 comments
Forming a circle 1.2 miles in diameter, the Durrington Shafts site is just 1.9 miles from Stonehenge.
Are there ancient pyramids in Antarctica ?
 Hot!  6-7-2020 | 164 comments | Ancient Mysteries
For years, some have speculated that pyramid-shaped formations in Antarctica could be man-made structures.
Oldest and largest Mayan structure discovered
6-5-2020 | 2 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Researchers have identified a gigantic Mayan ceremonial platform in Mexico dating back 3,000 years.
Mystery liquid found inside 2,000-year-old pot
6-4-2020 | 6 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Archaeologists in China have discovered a strange brown liquid inside an ancient pot shaped like a swan.
1,000-year-old Viking boat discovered on island
5-31-2020 | 2 comments | Ancient Mysteries
Officials have announced that the vessel was found at a burial site on the Norwegian island of Edoya.
Space & Astronomy
Hubble captures spectacular dying stars
6-21-2020 | 4 comments
Newly released images show the breathtaking beauty of two relatively nearby planetary nebulae.
Green glow detected on Mars for the first time
6-17-2020 | 0 comments | Space & Astronomy
An orbiting spacecraft has picked up a phenomenon that, until now at least, had only been seen on Earth.
Futuristic space toilet to be installed on ISS
6-15-2020 | 9 comments | Space & Astronomy
Scientists and engineers have been busy developing a next-generation space toilet fit for the final frontier.
Martian moons may have once formed rings
6-3-2020 | 8 comments | Space & Astronomy
An increasing body of evidence suggests that Mars may have once had its own spectacular ring system.
Live: SpaceX Crew Dragon launch 2nd attempt
 Hot!  5-30-2020 | 72 comments | Space & Astronomy
Join the livestream as Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken launch from US soil aboard a SpaceX Crew Dragon.
Ghosts & Hauntings
Should you hunt ghosts in your own home ?
6-21-2020 | 21 comments
Carrying out a paranormal investigation of your own personal abode may have some serious drawbacks.
Viral video shows 'haunted' exercise equipment
6-13-2020 | 17 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
Peculiar footage from India shows outdoor gym equipment moving on its own as police officers watch.
'Poltergeist' movie curse endures 38 years on
6-5-2020 | 9 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
On June 4th, 1982, this chilling cult-classic horror movie debuted to cinema audiences for the first time.
Eerie shadow figure captured on hotel CCTV
 Hot!  5-28-2020 | 69 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
Footage captured earlier this month on a hotel CCTV camera seems to show a ghostly figure in a hallway.
Winchester Mystery House lies eerily empty
5-23-2020 | 15 comments | Ghosts & Hauntings
During lockdown, the enigmatic mansion is as quiet as it was during the days Sarah Winchester lived there.
Science & Technology
CERN set to back Hadron Collider successor
6-20-2020 | 6 comments
Plans are in motion to replace the gargantuan atom smasher with a new accelerator that is four times larger.
750M GM mosquitoes to be released in Florida
6-19-2020 | 8 comments | Science & Technology
A plan to release genetically modified mosquitoes has been condemned as a 'Jurassic Park experiment'.
New structures detected deep beneath the Earth
6-12-2020 | 16 comments | Science & Technology
Scientists studying our planet's interior have found previously unknown structures beneath the surface.
Wearable arm turns you into a real-life Doc Ock
6-9-2020 | 10 comments | Science & Technology
Researchers have come up with a remote-controlled robotic arm that can be worn around your waist.
Golden Gate Bridge 'sings' following redesign
6-7-2020 | 3 comments | Science & Technology
A recent bicycle-path railing redesign on the iconic bridge has resulted in a rather unwelcome noise.
The UFO Phenomenon
Trump hints at Roswell UFO crash knowledge
 Hot!  6-20-2020 | 44 comments
During an interview with his own son, Trump hinted that he knew something about the infamous UFO incident.
Japanese authorities investigate mystery object
6-18-2020 | 9 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A large balloon-like 'UFO' has captured the attention of local residents, the media and even the government.
Weird 'sky squid' UFO filmed from airliner
6-11-2020 | 27 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
New video footage has emerged showing a very strange aerial phenomenon moving through the clouds.
3 UFOs spotted in the skies over New Jersey
 Hot!  6-9-2020 | 44 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
A recently released video clip shows three lights moving in a triangular formation across the night sky.
Man describes 'UFO air battle' encounter
6-2-2020 | 22 comments | The UFO Phenomenon
UFO witness Phil Tindale has described in detail an experience he'd had as a boy in South Australia.
Weird viral image shows mystery 'monster toes'
A very strange photograph showing what looks like a grey-colored foot has recently gone viral online.
Mystery surrounds death of 150 elephants
The unexplained demise of more than 150 elephants in Botswana has left authorities scratching their heads.
Former footballer was once 'abducted by aliens'
Former Argentine player Guillermo Marino once had a remarkable explanation for being late for training.
Super rare photo of Titanic iceberg revealed
108 years on from the iconic vessel's doomed maiden voyage, a new image of the iceberg has surfaced.
Huge crocodiles once ran around on two legs
Palaeontologists have discovered a prehistoric species of crocodile that walked on two legs instead of four.
Man 'tormented' by pizza deliveries for 10 years
A man in Belgium has endured a decade of harassment due to hundreds of unsolicited fast food deliveries.
Underground entrances to Area 51 discovered
An eagle-eyed Google Earth user has identified what appear to be several underground tunnel entrances.
Could consciousness pervade the universe ?
 Hot!  1-17-2020
The question of exactly what consciousness is has puzzled philosophers and scientists alike for millennia.
Kathleen Meadows
Spring is here and we have nowhere to go
Kathleen Meadows on the coronavirus situation.
Kathleen Meadows
Fate: A lesson in how to lose control, gracefully
Kathleen Meadows on fate and destiny.
Stories & Experiences
Grim reaper-like visitation
6-16-2020 | Canada
My monster catfish story
6-15-2020 | Dallas texas
Orb of light in room
5-9-2020 | USA/Texas/Waco
Not sleeping alone
5-9-2020 | Los Angeles
Glowing red eyes
5-9-2020 | Fields, Louisiana
Two creature sightings
5-1-2020 | Augusta and Louisana
My haunted home
5-1-2020 | Rainham, Essex, UK

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Featured Videos
Gallery icon 
NASA studies underwater 'white smoker' vents
Posted 4-17-2020 | 3 comments
Hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor can teach us about possible habitats on other worlds.
10 strange things about our solar system
Posted 3-17-2020 | 0 comments
A look at some of the most mysterious things about our solar system.
Lizzie - Scotland's other loch monster
Posted 3-8-2020 | 0 comments
Amelia Dimoldenberg investigates the Loch Ness Monster's neighbor.
Adam Savage and Spot
Posted 2-14-2020 | 4 comments
Adam Savage tests out Boston Dynamics' impressive Spot robot.
NASA 2020: Are you ready ?
Posted 1-1-2020 | 3 comments
A look at what's coming up in the world of spaceflight this year.
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Column Articles
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Sean Casteel
UFOs and deja vu
When the unexplained happens over and over again.
J.P Robinson
Our mysterious moon
Is the moon an artificial construct created by intelligent beings ?
William B Stoecker
Lessons from the other side
William B Stoecker talks about his own near-death experience.
Kathleen Meadows
Repeating clock numbers
Ever found that every time you look at the clock its 1:11, 2:22, 3:33... ?
William B Stoecker
Panspermia revisited
William B Stoecker on the possibility that life travels between worlds.
Sean Casteel
Witchcraft, UFOs and Rock'n Roll
A look back at David Bowie's encounter with witch Walli Elmlark.
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