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What's new?EVERYTHING!Welcome to our new web site for the Noden Inlay Razor - a new tool that will revolutionize how you can create custom inlay for your woodworking!Take a look around and check us out.Since this is a new web site, there will be addtions made regularly, so stop back often!

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Best Vessel Award at Works in Wood!

Geoffrey Noden won the Best Vessel award at the national juried Works in Wood exhibition on November 12, 2011 at the New Hope Arts Center in New Hope, PA with his inlaid walnut platter embellished with his Inlay Razor.
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Round Inlay Video!

We finally got our videos done so you can learn how to create round inlay using the Noden Inlay Razor.Check it out!
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The Razor at the 2010 IWF in Atlanta

Woodcraft interviews Geoffrey who shows some of the techniques in using the Razor.
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