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Charger Total Station South NB-25

Jual Charger South NB-25

Total Station Battery Total Station South NB-25 
NiMH, 6.0V. 3500mAh

Charger NB-25 cocok digunakan :
Total Stations SOUTH NTS-362 NTS-362R
Total Stations SOUTH NTS-365 NTS-365R

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Spectrometer SPECTRO MIDEX

Jual, Harga, Distributor Resmi Spectrometer SPECTRO MIDEX

Small spot energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (ED-XRF) spectrometer optimized for compliance testing, for element line scans and mappings

  • Fast and non-destructive compliance screening with flexible spot sizes, from 0.1 to 4 mm
  • Element line scans and mappings: Get a qualitative elemental composition within minutes ? other micro-XRF instruments may require hours
  • Comprehensive suite with factory prepared calibrations for screening of plastics and composites and analysis of alloys

The SPECTRO MIDEX is known to be an all-round talent for the fast, non-destructive analysis of small spots and the rapid mapping of large surfaces (up 233x160 mm, 9.2x6.3’’) in research and development as well is in compliance screening applications as many elemental analysis tasks in industry, research and the sciences require a non-destructive measuring system that is extremely sensitive and offers a small measuring spot.Accuracy of elemental analysis is often critical. For other applications speed is even more important. In addition, all users prefer analyzers that are easy to operate, with helpful software and easy transfer of results into a lab network. In many applications, users also prize nondestructive sampling.For years, SPECTRO MIDEX has turned in top-rated XRF performance. SPECTRO MIDEX incorporates the latest developments in ED-XRF detector technology, plus a greatly improved count rate. These smart new innovations help make it one of the most advanced midrange laboratory XRF benchtop analyzers available for small spot analyses and rapid mapping of large surfaces.

Application Reports
  • Application Brief: Precious metals testing with ED-XRF spectrometry (XRF-101-AB)
  • XRF-20: Analysis of Plastics According to the RoHS Directive with SPECTRO MIDEX
  • XRF-42: Analysis of Lead in Toys
  • XRF-54: Analysis of Plastics according to the RoHS Directive
  • XRF-55: Analysis of Plastics according to the RoHS Directive
  • XRF-56: Locating and Identifying of Inclusions in Plastics
  • XRF-78: Analysis of Galvanized Steel with Surface Defects
  • XRF 102-AB: Compliance With 21 CFR Part 11 Using SPECTRO XRF Analyzers With XRF Analyzer Pro Software
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Jual Spectrometer - Distributor Resmi 
The arc/spark mobile metal analyzer for precise analysis without compromise

  • No compromise: high resolution optical system for probably widest element range (even N, Li, Na), all elements necessary for a complete metal analysis on the spot are available
  • Unique new iCAL 2.0 one sample standardization helps maintain the same standardization  regardless of most temperature shifts and saves on average 30 minutes per day
  • Flexible point-and-shoot analysis with various quick to change sample probes, battery powered operation – up to 800 measurements on a single charge
 The SPECTROTEST is a mobile arc spark spectrometer ideal for many applications in the metal producing, processing, and recycling industries. This mobile metal analyzer flaunts its superior performance especially when exact metal analysis is required, when materials are difficult to identify or when there is a large number of samples to be tested.The new readout system and iCAL 2.0 diagnostics software upgraded the SPECTROTEST and allows users perform a single-sample standardization (in less than 5 minutes) at the start of the day’s testing and the iCAL diagnostics now helps to maintain the same standardization, regardless of most temperature shifts.The complex arc spark spectrometer design offers many ergonomic advantages for safe and fatigue-free onsite operation. The light, thin probe is quickly converted between arc excitation and spark excitation (arc spark OES). A probe with an integrated UV optic is available for special measuring applications; it can also be utilized with arc excitation.This arc spark spectrometer is even able to identify low alloy steel with the carbon content during the rapid arc excitation mode. In spark mode, the SPECTROTEST’s analysis of carbon phosphorous and sulfur are potential applications in addition to the identification of duplex steels using the nitrogen content.

Application Reports
  • Application Brief: Carbon Levels: the Critical Factor in Steel Analysis and Alloy Sorting (MMA-12-AB)
  • MMA-1: Analysis of Aluminum and its Alloys (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
  • MMA-10: Identification of Low Alloy and Chrome Steels Using Carbon with Arc Excitation (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
  • MMA-11: Analysis of Solid Precious Metal Samples
  • MMA-2: Analysis of Steel and Cast Iron (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
  • MMA-3: Analysis of Copper and its Alloys (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
  • MMA-4: Analysis of Nickel and its Alloys (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
  • MMA-5: Analysis of Cobalt and its Alloys (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
  • MMA-6: Analysis of Titanium and its Alloys (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
  • MMA-7: Grade Identification Using the Nitrogen Content in Fe Base (Duplex Steels, High Alloy Austenite) (SPECTROTEST TXC
  • MMA-8: Analysis of Steel within 5 s in Spark Mode (SPECTROTEST TXC03)
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Jual Spectrometer Jakarta

SPECTROCHECK – The highest performance and dependability at the lowest possible price


  • Ideal for metal testing and quality control of iron-, aluminum- and copper-based samples; as well as dedicated solder bath analysis
  • Ultra-fast one sample standardization – based on SPECTRO´s Intelligent Calibration Logic (iCAL) – saves on average 30 minutes per day
  • Industry unique app-like concept for user-friendly software operation
 The SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyzer is specifically designed to meet the performance requirements — and the budgets — of small and medium-size foundries and machining operations. This high-quality, compact, affordable instrument is ideal for routine analysis of elemental content in iron-, aluminum-, and copper-based metals. Companies using SPECTROCHECK can assure their customers that their metals have been reliably tested to meet the most rigorous specifications for content and quality.

Application Reports
  • Application Brief: Analyzing Solder Bath Contamination in Electronics Manufacturing (SMA-65-AB)
  • Application Brief: Analysis of solder with the SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyzer
  • Application Brief: Analysis of Copper-based metals with the SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyzer
  • Application Brief: Analysis of Aluminum-based metals with the SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyzer
  • Application Brief: Analysis of Iron-based metals with the SPECTROCHECK stationary metal analyzer
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Total Station Ruide R2

Jual Beli Service Kalibrasi
Total Station Ruide R2

A unique and innovative EDM technology of RUIDE, enabling R2 Pro to deliver an accurate and long non-prism distance range up to 800m within stunning 0.3s. 4km range with prism can be easily reached with a high precision of 2mm+2ppm. 

Guide Light
R2 Pro is equipped with Guide Light on top of the lens. A red and yellow LED will flash with different frequency to assist the pole man to move the prism to the right position during stakeout

One of the most unique features of RUIDE's total station. A small sensor hidden under the keypad can detect the surrounding temperature and air pressure then calculate the PPM value and correct the distance result in real time. 

Multidimensional Compensation System
For physical compensation, the dual axis compensator with an ultra-sensitive CMOS detects any tiny movements of the E bubble, and correspondingly compensate on both horizontal and vertical direction. 
?For digital compensation, a unique algorithm is adopted to eliminate the horizontal collimation error and vertical index error. 

Dense Ball Shaft
Both vertical and horizontal shafts are embedded more than 100 steel balls, which makes R2 Series rotates smoothly and stably so as to deliver a higher angle accuracy. It also essentially reduces the chances of jamming if the total station encounters violent shock and vibration.

Easy and Fast Operation
Almost every single key on R2 series is performing a shortcut, allowing you to "jump" to most of frequently-used functions, programs, settings, and even a COGO in one step. 

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Theodolite Ruide TheoDist DT-23

Distance Measurement
Up to 300m distance range with prism. 
Measuring speed less than 1.5s.
Accuracy 3mm+2ppm.
Moreover, you are allowed to input the temperature and air pressure to correct distance in real time. 

Stake Out Program
Disteo 23 provides 2 programs of stakeout, the distance stake out and axis stake out. 
Axis stake out is useful program that helps to stake out the control points. After inputting the offset value from the control point to the know building axis, the program will calculate and indicate how to locate it.

Angle Measurement
2" angle accuracy.

Laser Pointer
Laser pointer is equipped in Disteo 23 which allows the user to see clearly what he is aiming at. 

Alphanumeric Keyboard
Unlike the other ordinary theodolites, Disteo 23 is equipped with 2 alphanumeric keyboards and a larger screen. You can see more information clearly on the screen. Alphanumeric keyboard makes inputting so easily and fast. Moreover, there're some shortcut keys for you to access to some key functions and settings. 

Catalog & Spec : Theodolite Ruide TheoDist DT-23

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