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Model A Ford Garage is dedicated to topics relating primarily to the history and authentic restoration of the 1928 to 1931 Model A and AA Ford, 1932 Model B and BB Ford, and the 1933 to 1934 Model BB and Model 40/46 four cylinder Ford cars, trucks, and parts produced worldwide by the Ford Motor Company.

1930 Model A Ford Standard Coupe 45B

Many of the discussions and topics presented here are intended to help accurately identify and describe the differences, technical details, and authentic subtleties of original Model A and B Ford cars, trucks, and parts, as well as their similar-but-different Model AA and BB Ford, and Model 40/46 Ford counterparts, as well as some global variations.

Also included are many original era photographs and literature, era accessories, collectibles and speed equipment, as well as topics about various tools, techniques, and methods used in the service, repair, and restoration of antique Ford cars, trucks, and parts.


Warren, Michigan

Random Ford Photo

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Model A's in Focus
Deuces Forever!
Family Bible ~ Vintage Ford Photos
Accessories & Collectibles
Original Literature

Sheet Metal & Body Hardware
Body Details ~ Model A
Body Details ~ Model B

Chassis & Suspension
Chassis, Frame, Wheels, & Tires
Brake System
Steering System & Front Suspension
Rear Axle & Rear Suspension

Engine ~ Mechanical Assembly & Components
Vintage Speed Equipment
Engine ~ Special Tools & Methods

Flywheel, Starter, Clutch, & Transmission
Mounts ~ Engine & Transmission
Housings ~ Flywheel & Clutch
Flywheels, Clutches, & Starters
Transmissions & Shifters

Engine Cooling & Exhaust Systems
Cooling System
Exhaust Manifolds & Mufflers

Carburetors, Intakes,& Fuel System
Intake Manifolds & Air Cleaners
Fuel System ~ Model A
Fuel System ~ Model B

Zenith Carburetors ~ Model B

Electrical & Ignition Systems
Electrical System & Lighting
Ignition System & Spark Timing

Tools & Techniques
Original Ford Tools & Toolkit
General Restoration Tools & Methods

This, That, & The Other Thing
Reproduction Parts Hall of Shame
Assorted Stray Cats & Dogs
China 中國

1932 Model B Ford Standard Fordor B160

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