HEIDENHAIN Distributor of the year 2003 and 2007

AMI has been a proud distributor of HEIDENHAIN equipment since 1987. We were awarded the HEIDENHAIN North American Distributor of the year in 2003 and 2007. AMI & Heidenhain are proud to offer the Heidenhain line to you and your company . We offer Heidenhain absolute linear scales for Fanuc and absolute rotary encoders. We also offer Heidenhain Metro, Specto and Certo Length gages. We offer Heidenhain repair service for Glass scales, rotary and Linear encoders and absolute rotary encoders.


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Heidenhain's New Compact
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    Leader in Measurement Systems World Wide

    Rotary encoders  LinearEncoders
    Glass ScalesAbsolute
    Encoderangle encoders
    Touch Probes  Digital Readouts Digital LengthGages  Exposed Scales,Heidenhain CNC Controls

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    Acu-Rite Home Page
    Digital readout packages forMill package,Lathes digital readout package forGrinders & EDM  Mill Packages Digital Readouts Lathe / Turning Packages Glass Linear Scales EDM Packages Grinder Packages digital readout for Long Travel Linear Scales CNC Mill POWER Turnkey System

    Digital Readout for Optical Comparators and Custom Measuring Fixtures

    Digital Readouts Lathe / Turning Packages Glass Linear Scales EDM Packages Grinder Packages digital readout for Long Travel Linear Scales CNC Turnkey System


    RSF Electronics

    Rotary and Linear Encoders, Digital Readouts, Digital Length Gages & Probes, Glass Scales and ProbesNUMERIK JENA


    Magnetic Encoders
    Inexpensive Linear Magnetic tapes with Readerheads and Digital Readouts


    Sony DRO's & Scales
    Magnetic Tapes For High Accuracy Applications, Digital readout packages for Mills, Lathes & Grinders and Digital Readouts

    Ono Sokki

    Battery Powered Length Gages, Digital Readouts, Contact Tips, Rotary Encoders & Tachometers

    Lika Electronic Encoders
    Absolute Rotary Encoder,Incremental Rotary Encoders,Magnetic Tapes for Linear systems. Magnetic Tape scales  with .001" Accuracy over long travels connects to a digital readout. Excellent crossover encoders 

     Fixed Limit Gaging

    Thread Set Plugs Price List

    Metric Thread Gage Price List

    Pin Gage Library Price List

    Metric Plug Gage Price List

    Threaded Gages Price List

    Plain Ring Gage Price List

    Master Disc Price List 

    Step Gage Price List

    Plug Gage Price List

    Pin Gage Price List

    Vermont Gage
    Ring Gages, Thread Gages, Plug Gages, Pin Gage Sets and Libraries. We also offer custom gauges per print spec

    PMC Gage
    Ring Gages, Thread Gages, Plug Gages, Pin Gage Sets and Libraries. We also offer custom gauges per print spec

    Glastonbury Gage
    Thread Plugs  Southern Gage Rings AGD Threads Thread Plugs Tapered Threads Cylindrical Gages Rings
    Plugs Taper Gage 
    Cylindrical PlugsCylindrical RingsZero Spindles Thread Rings

    Southern Gage
    Ring Gages, Thread Gages, Plug Gages, Pin Gage Sets and Libraries. We also offer custom gauges per print spec

    Greenfield Gage
    Ring Gages, Thread Gages, Plug Gages, Pin Gage Sets and Libraries. We also offer custom gauges per print spec

    Calipers, Micrometers, Indicators, Gage Blocks


    Dyer Gage

    Non-Tipping Indicating Plug Gages
    Adjustable Long Range Gages
    Deep and Shallow Bore Gages
    Special Custom Bore Gages


    Gages to Measure Chamfers, Parallel Width, Depths, and height.
    Custom Gages Made to Specific Part Applications Modified Standard Gages Electronic & Dial Thickness Gages Custom Contacts

    Many Different Arm Configurations
    Electronic & Dial Groove Gages
    Grooves as small as 0.100”
    Long Reach, High Accuracy Models
    Many Different Arm Configurations


    Precision Measurement

    Brown & Sharpe

    Mitutoyo Corp Main Page


    Bore Gages Digital Readout,
    Linear ScalesGage Blocks Depth Gages

    Height Gages


    Fred V Fowler Company

    For calipers, micrometers, indicators, depth gages, height gages, gage blocks 


    Calipers, Micrometers, Indicators, Depth Gages, Height Gages, Gage Blocks



    Vision Inspection Systems, Simple Video Measurement with Software, Microscopes, and Loupes. We can retrofit stages with
    Heidenhain  scales


    Universal Punch

    Concentricity Gages for TIR with
    measuring Lengths Up To Four Inches.
    Custom Gages available and integration intoHeidenhain probes

    Suburban Tool
    Angle Plates Compound Angle PlateGiant Slotted - Webbed, Precision Ground Steel Angle, Slotted Webbed & Open End, V-Step Angle Plate,Master-View  Optical Comparator, Pallet FixturesOctagonal Column,Square Column,T-Slotted,Parallels, Individual 4-way Steel, Matched Pairs of 2-way Steel, Matched Pairs of 4-waySteel, Angle Block Set, Box Parallels, Cast, Iron V-Blocks, Magnetic Cylinder Squares, Mill-Master? Sine Plate
    Planer Gage, Precision Steel V-Blocks, Precision Tri-Blocks
    Sine Bars. Straight Edges, Universal Right Angle Irons,
     Vacuum Chucks & Pumps, Vises
    PrecisionVises & NC Vises
    Sine Vises,Index Fixtures, Collet-Master,  Master-Grind?& Accessories, Mini-Master,  Spin-Master,Sine Plates,Compound Sine Plates, Magnetic Chucks
    & Compound Sine Plates
    Magnetic Sine Plates, Sine Plates


    Taft Pierce

    Steel Rules, Parallels, Work Holding Fixtures, Optical Comparators with Metronics DRO, V Blocks and Clamps



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