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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I SWILWrong in America

    I SWIL has no idea what is going on with todays Kids and their parents.  Ask yourself, how as a parent can you do things like this to your Children?  When you Love your Family, they're suppose to get protection from the Love you share.  Seem as though most don't care about the welfare of their Kids.  I SWIL needs to find out how this kind of story always leads the news, when no one ever wants drama in their lives.  I say, when you have kids you have drama, that what life is when your in a family.
   Love, hope, Dreams are all things we can share with the ones we love.  I SWIL wants to know, can you honestly say, when you drive you think about the safety of your passengers (Children) yours and others?  We at I SWIL have the desire to help the innocent kids, live a long and happy lives, without the unnecessary deaths of family members and friends from school.   Please, do your part when you drive, Pay Attention to the other driver's.  If, we all work together we can slow down the lose of our Kids.  
    Thanks reading this blog, Please, return to find out how you can help.



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