How To Ice Fish The Right Way

Some anglers pack up their tackle boxes and gear for the winter. But others, like myself, can’t give up their favorite pastime, even in the winter months. We pack on the layers, grab an ice jig, and hit the frozen lakes. For those brave few, ice fishing is a great skill to learn.You may be […]

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17 Best Bass Fishing Lakes in The Country

One of the best things about bass fishing is that it is a hobby that can be performed pretty much anywhere. Be it a friend’s pond or a sprawling lake, most anglers have their lists of preferred local spots. Chances are, you have your own little favorite fishing spot that you like to hit.However, if […]

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How To Tie A Uni Knot

We bass anglers acquire a plethora of unexpected skills on our journeys. One such skill is learning and mastering a variety of knots. You may be asking yourself, why would angler’s need to master knot tying? What does knot tying have to do with fishing?Knot tying is actually a vital skill to learn for any […]

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7 Unwritten Rules of Bass Fishing Etiquette

The bass-angling community is held together by a similar passion for fishing. However, just because we share a similar interest, doesn’t mean we treat each other with respect. I want you to think about the following scenario and consider if something similar has happened to you:I’m out on the boat fishing a spot I have […]

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7 Essential Steps On How to Tie a Drop Shot Rig

Photo courtesy of: Daniel Maryville As you progress as a bass angler, you will begin to look for different techniques to up your game. For those of you who have progressed past entry-level angling, learning how to tie a drop-shot rig is an essential finesse technique to pick up. A drop-shot rig allows the bait to […]

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14 Fishing TV Shows You Have To Watch

Like most anglers, I try to spend as much time out fishing as possible. Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes and circumstances just don’t allow for a fishing session.  But fishing stays on my mind; I’m always trying to improve my technique and keep up with trends. Luckily, there are other avenues where I […]

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How To Snell A Hook In 5 Easy Steps

Have you been hitting a wall in your progress as a bass angler? Looking to land bigger bass on a consistent basis? Mastered basic techniques and looking to add some more complex techniques into your repertoire? If so, it may be time for you to master tying your hook with a snell knot. Learning how to […]

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Your Guide On How To Use A Crankbait

Photo courtesy of: ?Daniel Maryville Why am I so inconsistent catching bass with my crankbait? I’ve been getting this question from friends and beginners for years. Unfortunately, there’s no one easy answer. I’ll usually have to ask a few follow-up questions of my own: What depths are you fishing? What equipment are you using? Are the water […]

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A Complete Guide On How To Use A Baitcaster

Like most anglers, I started out fishing a traditional spinning gear set-up. For beginners, they are certainly easier to approach. However, as I progressed and gained more confidence in my abilities, I made the switch to using a baitcaster. While they are more complicated than spinning reels, baitcasters are a far more versatile piece of equipment. […]

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