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Hock O-1 Blades and Chipbreakers
A great improvement over the stock parts

Dollar Shave Club
These blades are f***ing terrible!

Milwaukee Diamond Sawzall Blade
World's worst blade?

Torin Vehicle Lift Manual
Seriously, is this the best you can do?

Northern Tools ¾HP8" Bench Grinder
Is this some kind of joke?

Tips & Tricks

Update on the removal of the Triton router "safety" cover
After two years, a problem surfaced ...

36mm ? 27mm adapter for Festool hoses
The adapter Festool just doesn't make

An easy way to set your jointer fence to square
A welding tool comes to the rescue

An easy way to cut really large wires
Not a wire cutter, but it works like a charm

Use a tap & die set as thread cleaners
An inexpensive set can be a life-saver


Boom goes the dust collector
On PVC, static electricity, and the myth of home shop dust explosions

Helicalvs blades
Can you actually save money by spending money, all while getting a better tool?

Change from 120 to 240?
Is there really any benefit? For the most part, the answer is no.

Shop-built Y fitting
Nobody sells these, so I made my own.

Killer shop vacuums
How can a $150 vacuum have a 6.5 horsepower motor?

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